Networking - WiFi and computer connectivity, Telephony - Landline and Wireless and Television, Satellite and Radio systems

 The humble two wires into your home can be the source of a world of communications and entertainment. These simple cores allow you to contact friends and family all around the world or if you require family members who are in their own rooms too! A home with a multi handset telephone system can be pager, intercom and door bell, simply not allowing anything to be missed. Then by adding further lines, this becomes the highway to the outside world for any family member.

Home Data Networking
 As with the telephone without broadband the home will not feel complete. The digital world should be allowed unfettered entry and be made available to everywhere necessary whether that is by wired connection to static items or without wires to roaming devices. The networks should be segmented to enable appropriate speeds and content without being slowed by the peripheral products so that a TV which attempting to view the BBC iPlayer is not slowed by little Johnny's gaming stream or visa-versa.

 A centralised hub with the components house to their optimum and set up to ease maintenance will benefit the whole network and keep the system running to it's maximum ability. Considered product choices will further enhance the system and allow the creation of the exact environment for either productivity or entertainment. With wireless networking now offering simple hand over from one access point to another you will need never worry about your laptop or pad needing a restart to ensure optimum speeds and connection to the internet.

Television and Radio distribution
 The copper tube that pipes TV and Radio has a big job on it's hands with dealing with signals from Freeview, Satellite and DAB/FM, if this is not considered in the due process then this will then be a bottle neck to the whole home entertainment system. First is to plan the exacting design that offers plenty of options on what to watch or listen to when desired then, an appropriate setup that can deliver the required signals to where necessary. The type and scope of connectivity can be made to accommodate your requirements and will have the option to include Sky services as well as those from other companies even if from abroad and to integrate that with the more standard Freeview and FM/DAB.