Audio and Visual Systems - Home Cinema and Distribution of Movies and Music

Home Cinema
 The term home cinema is used convey the idea of an all encompassing film viewing environment, this can be in any room of the home, be it, the lounge for all the family to share the experience or a dedicated room set aside for the occasion. We all enjoy relaxing and being immersed in the fantasy of film so the focus of the system is to entertain the user with the best visuals and sound for the money but keeping simplicity of control in forefront of our minds. The myriad of different content and expectations will be balanced by selecting the appropriate speakers, amplification and source components to complement the carefully chosen display. The room and it's acoustics will be examined and rated to promote the very best from the system.

Music distribution
 The concept of being locked into a single room for the pleasure of listening to music has now past. Your whole collection of CDs are recorded on to a PC/NAS/server it is possible to distribute this music to any room you wish and be able to select precisely the album, track or play-list desired then enjoy Mozart in the bedroom or Girls Aloud in the kitchen. The simple task of picking up the wireless hand set or touching the on a wall panel and navigating to the music you desire is all that is required. The whole family can enjoy separate music streams and manage their personal music collections so Dad does not have to scroll through little Johnny‚Äôs EMO rock collection or Mum need not filter out the classical collection that dad has amassed.

Movie distribution
 Movie cases can clutter up the home especially when you are very interested in a large selection of types and genres, by consolidating on to a server the movies also can be sent to a number of rooms not just the home cinema but also the TV in the bedroom for those occasions that the heart is willing but the body and can just do with a rest.

 Along-side movies, we can distribute other services like Satellite TV, Freeview and their recordings meaning that subscriptions can be reduced and your shows managed more effectively from a single device.